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kokoro Saegusa

2024.5.8 update

石川県の穴水町という自然豊かな町で育ちました。 二人兄がいるのですが、近所の山や川で毎日のように遊んでいましたね。 中学に進学するタイミングで卓球を始めました。
Please tell me about your background.
I grew up in Anamizu-cho, Ishikawa Prefecture, a town abundant in nature. I have two older brothers, and we used to play in the nearby mountains and rivers almost every day. It was during my transition to junior high school that I started playing table tennis.
いや、特に得意だったわけではなく、友達に誘われて始めました。 入部当初はあまり乗り気じゃなかったんです。 でも、やるからには結果を出したくて、毎日授業開始前の1時間半、放課後の19時まで練習しました。 土日は試合で遠征と元旦以外は休みはありませんでした。
Was table tennis your strong suit?
No, not particularly. I started because my friends invited me to join. Initially, I wasn't very enthusiastic about joining the team. However, I wanted to achieve results, so I practiced every day for an hour and a half before class started and until 7 p.m. after school. I had matches on weekends, and I didn't have any days off except for New Year's Day.
ありがとうございます。卓球を通じて色々な事を学びました。 例えば、どれだけ相手の意表をつけるかとか(笑)。
Reaching the Best 16 in the national tournament is quite an accomplishment.
Thank you. I learned a lot through table tennis. For example, how to surprise opponents.
はい。社長による厳しいレッスンが始まりました(笑)。 ポージングや演技、ウォーキングとかなり絞られました。
You debuted as a model after graduating from junior college.
Yes. I began rigorous training under the president's strict guidance. I focused heavily on posing, acting, and walking.
おかげさまで、沢山出演させて頂きました。 ただ、次の目標だったファッション誌の出演が決まらず焦っていました。
You quickly landed a major company's commercial.
Yes, thanks to that, I had many opportunities. However, I was anxious because I hadn't yet achieved my next goal of appearing in a fashion magazine.
社長と一緒に作品撮りを一枚一枚チェックしたり、有名なモデルのポージングを研究したり。 そんな事をずっと続けているうちに、自分に何が求められているのかピンと来たんです。
How did you overcome this situation?
I checked each shot of the photoshoots with the president and studied the poses of famous models. By continuing to do such things, I eventually understood what was expected of me.
初めてのレギュラーが決まった時は本当に嬉しかったですね。 事務所には勿論、当時の編集部の方達にもすごく感謝しています。
What was your feeling when you were chosen for the fashion magazine?
I was truly happy when I got my first regular feature. I'm extremely grateful to both the agency and the editors at that time.
ピンポンですよ、ピンポン。つまり、卓球と同じです。 何かアドバイスを頂いたら、必ず自分の言葉で応えるようにしています。 自分が本気で取り組めば、相手も本気で返してくれるのではないでしょうか。 打たれたら必ず打ち返す。その繰り返しがメンタルを強化するのかな。
Do you have any secrets to mental strength?
Ping-pong, it's like ping-pong. In other words, it's the same as table tennis. When I receive advice, I always respond in my own words. If I'm serious about it, the other person will respond seriously as well. Always hit back when hit. I think this repetition strengthens mental toughness.
ありがとうございます。競技ゴルフに出場したり、YouTubeで「ここママ」というチャンネルも運営しています。 最初は単なる趣味でしたが、追求するうちにどっぷり沼りました(笑)。
You're also quite skilled in golf, aren't you?
Thank you. I participate in competitive golf and also manage a YouTube channel called "Koko Mama." Initially, it was just a hobby, but as I pursued it further, I got completely hooked.
いつも応援ありがとうございます。 ゴルフの勝負はアプローチで決まるんですよ。 誰よりも自分を信じる事がショットの精度に表れます。 これはモデルにも通じる所があると思います。 モデルもゴルフも見る人達をあっと驚かせる程のベストショットを目指します。
Finally, could you please give us a few words?
Thank you for your constant support. Golf matches are decided by the approach shot. Believing in oneself more than anyone else is reflected in the accuracy of the shot. I believe this applies to modeling as well. Both in modeling and golf, I aim to impress viewers with the best shots possible.

Editor's note


Saegusa says the secret to improving at golf is "not worrying about others' results." Whether it's work or golf, the opponent is oneself. To surpass one's past self, one must create a new self. Saegusa also says, "I'm not afraid to destroy what I've built." I realized that what continues to captivate many people about her as an artist is the crystallization of diligent improvement. Through this interview, I was reminded of the importance of constantly updating oneself without being content with the current situation.

Interviewer:Yotaro Kato


Creative director. Born in 1984. After completing graduate studies at the Graduate School of International Information and Communication Studies at Waseda University, worked at the head office of Japan Post Co., Ltd. before becoming independent. Involved in strategic planning and production of plans for media-related companies, as well as content creation through writing and photography.