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Akari Ushioda

2024.4.27 update

専門学校時代、たまたま立ち寄ったコンビニでスカウトされました。 就職のタイミングで本格的にモデルをする事にしました。
Can you tell us what prompted you to start modeling?
During my vocational school days, I was scouted at a convenience store I happened to visit. I decided to pursue modeling seriously when it came time for employment.
変わってないですね(笑)。ありのままです。 モデルだからって特別なわけじゃないし、現場ではチームワークを重視しています。 皆で作品を創るのが楽しいんですよね。
Have there been any changes since you started modeling?
Not really. I'm still the same. Just because I'm a model doesn't make me special, and I emphasize teamwork on set. Creating works together with everyone is enjoyable.
5日間連続で撮影した現場です。 毎日数時間睡眠でヘアカラーやメイクを一つひとつ全て変えたんです。 大変だったけど、皆で作り上げる一体感が忘れられません。 違う世界を体感出来るのは、この仕事ならではですね。
Are there any photo shoots that left a lasting impression?
It was a shoot that lasted five consecutive days. I changed my hair color and makeup every day with only a few hours of sleep. It was tough, but I can't forget the sense of unity we built together. Experiencing different worlds is unique to this job.
一つの事を継続する楽しさを知りました。 洋服が好きな事も再認識しました。
What did you gain from that shoot?
I learned the enjoyment of persisting in one thing. I also reaffirmed my love for clothes.
コーデは朝起きた時に着たいものを載せています。トレンドは特に意識しません。 今SNSを見返すとピンとこないものもありますが、そういうのもそのまま残しています。
Your coordination on social media is wonderful.
I post what I want to wear when I wake up in the morning. I don't particularly follow trends. Looking back at my social media, there are some things that don't resonate with me, but I leave them as they are.
サイズ感とバランスですね。 夏はとにかく白Tにデニム!「ヘインズのパックT」は毎年購入するぐらい大好きです。 デニムはストレートやブーツカットをよくはきます。 小物はネックレスでアクセントをつけます。今はコインネックレスが気になっています。
Do you have any particular considerations when choosing clothes?
It's about the fit and balance. In the summer, it's always a white T-shirt with denim! I love "Hanes Pack T-shirts" so much that I buy them every year. I often wear straight or bootcut jeans. I add accents with necklaces. Right now, I'm interested in coin necklaces.
母が裁縫好きで、よく洋服を作ってくれました。 その影響で自分もバッグを作ったりと、服作りは幼い頃から身近でしたね。 矢沢あいさんの「ご近所物語」(デザイナーを目指す少女の漫画)は、私のバイブルでした(笑)。
When did you become interested in clothes?
My mother loved sewing and often made clothes for me. As a result, making clothes was familiar to me from a young age. "Gokinjo Monogatari" by Ai Yazawa (a manga about a girl aspiring to be a designer) was my bible.
NMT inc.に移籍した理由は何ですか
もっと能動的になりたかったからです。実際、所属してから仕事の幅はかなり広がりました。 定期的にマネージャーとミーティングがあるので、モチベーションが上がりますね。
Why did you transfer to NMT inc.?
I wanted to be more proactive. In fact, since joining, the scope of my work has expanded significantly. Regular meetings with my manager help keep my motivation up.
落ち込んだり、迷ったりする事はあまりないです。 その分、色々失敗もしましたけど(笑)。 同じミスはしないと心に決めているので引きずらないかな。
Do you ever feel down?
I don't often feel down or lost. As a result, I've made various mistakes. But I've made up my mind not to make the same mistake twice, so I don't dwell on it.
芯をもっている人。 周りの人達の良い所を吸収しつつ、自分に素直でいるよう心掛けています。 常に嘘のない自分でありたいものです。
What does a beautiful person mean to you?
Someone with a core. I try to absorb the good qualities of those around me while being true to myself. I always want to be true to myself.
これまで通り、ありのままの自分でいれたら良いな。 自分を縛りつけるより、その時の感覚や感情を大事にしたいんです。 それがモデルとしての個性に繋がると思っています。 それと、アパレルとのコラボは今後も続けたいですね。 チャンスがあればジェンダーレスなバッグとかやってみたい。 皆さんが純粋にファッションを楽しめるきっかけ作りが出来たら嬉しいです。
Lastly, please tell us about your future vision.
I hope to continue being myself as I have been. Rather than restricting myself, I want to cherish my feelings and emotions at the moment. I believe this will lead to my uniqueness as a model. Also, I want to continue collaborating with apparel brands in the future. If given the chance, I'd like to try making genderless bags or something like that. I would be happy if I could create opportunities for everyone to enjoy fashion purely.

Editor's note


"I want to be true to myself." It's rare to find someone as straightforward as Ushioda. Contrary to her stylish image, she also has a pure and charming side. This contrast makes her incredibly appealing. In an era with so many choices, living simply is difficult. Yet, her presence undoubtedly inspires courage across all generations.

Interviewer:Kyoka Uchida

NMT inc.マネージャー。97年生まれ。東京都出身。立教大学経営学部卒業。デザインプレックス研究所グラフィックデザインコース修了。在学中に蜷川実花氏率いる「ラッキースター」や、千原徹也氏率いる「れもんらいふ」にてインターンを経験。高校時代、少林寺拳法で全国大会準優勝の実績も。

NMT inc. manager. Born in 1997. From Tokyo. Graduated from Rikkyo University's Faculty of Business. Completed the Graphic Design Course at the Design Plex Institute. During his studies, he interned at 'Lucky Star' led by Mika Ninagawa and 'Lemon Life' led by Tetsuya Chihara. In high school, he also achieved second place in the national competition in Shaolin Kempo.