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Keiko Ashida

2024.5.13 update

それまでは西日本を中心に活動してきたのですが一念発起しました。 東京でもモデルとしてやっていける自信があったんです。
Did you move to Tokyo at the age of 40?
Yes, until then, I had been active mainly in western Japan, but I decided to take the plunge. I was confident that I could make it as a model in Tokyo as well.
上京した当初は中々仕事が決まらず苦戦しました。 作品撮りを繰り返してクライアント周りを行う日々。 頑張ろうとすればするほど空回りしていた部分もあるかもしれません。 「残り三ヶ月間で結果が出なかったらモデルを辞めて地元に帰る」と社長に宣言したぐらいです。
How was it after moving to Tokyo?
When I first moved, I struggled to find work. It was a daily grind of repeatedly doing portfolio shoots and visiting potential clients. The harder I tried, the more it seemed like I was spinning my wheels. I even declared to the president, "If I don't see results in the next three months, I'll quit modeling and go back home."
これまでの自信が揺らぎはじめた時、大きい広告が決まったんです。 化粧品と下着メーカのイメージモデルでした。 諦めないで頑張ってきて本当に良かったと思いましたね。
You were really backed into a corner then.
Just when my confidence was starting to waver, I landed a major ad campaign. I became the image model for a cosmetics and lingerie brand. I was so glad I didn't give up and kept pushing forward.
モデルとしての特色を出そうと「野菜ソムリエ」や「漢方スタイリスト」等の資格を取得しました。 学んだ知識を元に、一般の方向けのセミナーも開催したり。 昔、美容部員だった事もあるので、自分の知見から人に何かを伝える事は好きなんですよね。 やっぱり何事も気合いでしょうね、気合い。
You've tried various things since then.
To stand out as a model, I earned certifications like "Vegetable Sommelier" and "Kampo (Chinese Medicine) Stylist." Based on what I learned, I also started hosting seminars for the general public. I used to be a beauty consultant, so I enjoy sharing my knowledge with others. It all comes down to spirit and determination.
ダイビングを始めた時、大自然の中で気がついたことがあるんです。 海中の風景や、降り注ぐ光に包まれた時、「私って本当にちっぽけだな」って。 そんな弱さの自覚が「それなら、やってやろう」という意欲を掻き立ててくれました。 年齢にとらわれず、情熱をどれだけ注いで一筋に頑張れるかが大切だと思うんです。
Where does your vitality come from?
When I started diving, I realized something profound amidst the vast nature. Being surrounded by underwater landscapes and the light filtering through the water made me feel incredibly small. Recognizing my own insignificance sparked a desire to prove myself. I believe that regardless of age, it's important to see how passionately and dedicatedly one can pursue their goals.
ありがとうございます。私は年齢を重ねるのを楽しんでいるんです。 素敵な服はその世代によって変わるからこそ、歳を追う毎にその素敵な服が似合う自分でありたいと思っています。
Your strong determination comes across clearly.
Thank you. I enjoy getting older. Since the most beautiful clothes change with each generation, I want to be someone who can look great in those clothes as I age.
街のショーウインドウの前に立ち止まって、素敵な服に見とれたとします。 そんな時、「自分にはとても似合わない」と絶対思わないで欲しい。 自分を奮い立たせて、「素敵な服が似合うモデルになりたい」という強い意志が必要だと思います。 自分に合った服を選ぶのではなく、着こなしたい服に合うような自分を創れるように一緒に頑張りましょう!
Lastly, do you have a message for young models?
When you stop in front of a shop window and admire a beautiful outfit, never think, "I could never pull that off." Instead, motivate yourself with a strong desire to become a model who looks great in such beautiful clothes. Rather than choosing clothes that suit you, strive to become someone who can wear the clothes you want. Let's work together to make that happen!

Editor's note


Ashida's elegant aura is undoubtedly the result of her own determination. No matter the circumstances, she has continued to take on challenges. Her drive to reach higher and move forward serves as a guiding light for the next generation of models. "Yes, I can do it too." Models following in Ashida's footsteps will surely continue to increase from now on.

Interviewer:Yotaro Kato


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