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Kaede Aono

2024.4.26 update

子供の頃から身長が高かったので、自然とモデルへの憧れが強くなりました。 高校卒業後、ファッション誌に出たくて上京したんです。 デビューしてからは色々な経験をさせてもらいました。どの現場も新鮮だったな。
What inspired you to start modeling?
I was always tall as a child, so naturally, I developed a strong admiration for models. After graduating from high school, I moved to Tokyo with the dream of appearing in fashion magazines. Since my debut, I've had the opportunity to experience many different things. Every project felt fresh.
ブログを見たアクション監督が映画のオファーをして下さったのがきっかけです。 当時は自分が芝居をするなんて、しかもライフワークの空手が仕事に活きるとは想像しませんでした。 映画出演をきっかけに演技の仕事が増えました。
You also act, right?
Yes, an action director saw my blog and offered me a role in a film. At that time, I never imagined myself acting, let alone using my lifelong passion for karate in my work. After my film debut, I started getting more acting jobs.
初舞台です。演技経験が豊富な役者の中、私一人が初舞台。 しかも重要な役を頂いたんです。出番も多いし台本を覚えるので精一杯。 舞台初日、観客の前に立った瞬間は今でも鮮明に覚えています。 何故かあまり緊張しなかったんです。伸び伸びできたというか。 目の前の事に全力を尽くして良かったと思いました。
Do you have a memorable project?
My first stage performance stands out the most. Among seasoned actors, I was the only one making my stage debut and was given a significant role with many lines. I remember standing in front of the audience on opening night very clearly. Surprisingly, I wasn't that nervous; I felt relaxed and just gave it my all. It was rewarding to focus entirely on the task at hand.
私、好奇心旺盛なんです。チャレンジした結果がどうなるのかを知りたい。 あまり先読みし過ぎるより、今やるべき事を一つひとつクリアすることを大切にしています。 シンプルな方が行動しやすいんですよね。
You seem very resilient.
I'm very curious and want to see the results of my challenges. Instead of overthinking, I focus on tackling each task one by one. Keeping things simple makes it easier to take action.
父が空手の師範だったこともあり、小2の時から始めた空手の影響が大きいと思います。 黒帯の試験で組手をするんですけど、一対一で10人ぐらい相手にしないといけないんです。 その時、目の前の事を瞬時にクリアする集中力が養われたのかもしれません(笑)。
Have you always thought this way?
I think my mindset was greatly influenced by starting karate at the age of 7, thanks to my father, who is a karate instructor. During black belt exams, you have to spar one-on-one with about ten people. This might have developed my ability to focus on overcoming immediate challenges.
そんなことないですよ。空手は誰でもできる競技です。 運動に自信がない人でも良い部分が必ず見つかります。私はそれを発見するのが好きです。 空手を通じて、一人でも多くの方が充実した気持ちになってくれたら嬉しいですね。
Karate seems impressive but also quite challenging.
It's not as hard as it looks. Karate is a sport anyone can do. Even those who aren't confident in their athletic abilities can find something they excel at. I love discovering those strengths. If karate can help even one more person feel fulfilled, I'd be very happy.
所属モデルの活動をチェックした時、モデル一人ひとりに合わせたマネジメントをしていると感じました。 この事務所だったら演技経験や空手、SNSでの活動を活かしながらモデルとしてキャリアをつめると思ったんです。
Why did you choose your current agency?
When I checked out the activities of their models, I felt they offered personalized management for each individual. I believed that at this agency, I could build my career as a model while leveraging my acting experience, karate skills, and social media presence.
最初は実験的にスタートしました。特技の空手を発信できるし国籍関係なく反応があるのは嬉しいですね。 特に韓国とベトナムの方が見て下さっている様です。
Your TikTok followers have exceeded 190,000.
I started it as an experiment. It's great to share my karate skills and get reactions from people all over the world. It seems especially popular with viewers in South Korea and Vietnam.
CMに沢山出演したいです。特に「水」の広告をやってみたい。 普段から水を良く飲むし、爽やかでヘルシーなイメージも良いですよね。 CM女王と呼ばれるぐらい長く起用されるモデルになりたいと思います。
What are your goals as a model?
I want to appear in many commercials, especially for water. I drink a lot of water, and it has a fresh, healthy image. I aim to become a model who's so well-known for commercials that people refer to me as the "CM Queen."
「青野がいるからNMT inc.に入りたい」と言われるような看板モデルを目指して頑張ります。
Lastly, what are your aspirations?
I aspire to become the top model that makes people say, "I want to join NMT Inc. because of Aono." I'm working hard to become a leading figure in the agency.

Editor's note


Aono's determination to achieve her goals is refreshing. Simplifying her actions and making choices from numerous possibilities requires considerable courage. Yet, she pursues her chosen path without hesitation. When talking about karate, her eyes softened. She loves teaching karate. With her blend of strength and kindness, Aono's rise to become a top model might not be far off.

Interviewer:Kyoka Uchida

NMT inc.マネージャー。97年生まれ。東京都出身。立教大学経営学部卒業。デザインプレックス研究所グラフィックデザインコース修了。在学中に蜷川実花氏率いる「ラッキースター」や、千原徹也氏率いる「れもんらいふ」にてインターンを経験。高校時代、少林寺拳法で全国大会準優勝の実績も。

NMT inc. manager. Born in 1997. From Tokyo. Graduated from Rikkyo University's Faculty of Business. Completed the Graphic Design Course at the Design Plex Institute. During his studies, he interned at 'Lucky Star' led by Mika Ninagawa and 'Lemon Life' led by Tetsuya Chihara. In high school, he also achieved second place in the national competition in Shaolin Kempo.