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Kurumi Aose

2024.6.11 update

16歳の時、地元 北海道のアルバイト先でスカウトされました。 偶然、兄が前日に事務所の別の方からスカウトされたんです。 母と一緒に事務所に伺ったのですが、事務所の社長と母が意気投合(笑)。 それで所属する事になりました。
What inspired you to start modeling?
At the age of 16, I was scouted while working part-time in my hometown of Hokkaido. Interestingly, the day before, my brother had also been scouted by someone else from the same agency. When my mother and I visited the agency, she hit it off with the agency's president. And that's how I ended up joining the agency.
当初は正直アルバイト感覚だったんですが、ファッション誌のオーディションの最終で落ちて気持ちが変わりました。 あまりにも悔しかったので、それをバネに上京してモデルをする事にしたんです。
When did you decide to pursue modeling seriously?
At first, I honestly saw it as just a part-time job, but my mindset changed after I failed to make it to the final round of an audition for a fashion magazine. I was so frustrated by that experience that I decided to move to Tokyo and pursue modeling seriously.
「世界・ふしぎ発見!」(TBS)のミステリーハンターで「レソト王国」に行かせて頂いた時ですね。 レソトの方に「幸せな事は何ですか」と尋ねると、「何もない事が幸せです」と仰りました。 何もない(平和)のは当たり前じゃないんですよね。 日本で暮らしていると忘れがちな感覚に衝撃を受けました。 この撮影を通じて「限られた時間を大切にしよう」と強く思うようになりました。
Can you tell us about a memorable shoot?
One memorable experience was when I traveled to the Kingdom of Lesotho as a mystery hunter for the TV show "Sekai Fushigi Hakken!" (World Mysteries). When I asked a local person what makes them happy, they said, "Having nothing is happiness." It's not a given to have nothing (peace), and living in peaceful Japan, I was struck by this perspective. This experience made me strongly resolve to cherish the limited time we have.
「GirlsAward」の現場で知り合った方に、RIZIN 榊原CEOを紹介して頂きました。 選手へのインタビューから初めて、今では全試合を解説しています。
What prompted you to become a "RIZIN Official Ambassador"?
I was introduced to RIZIN CEO Mr. Sakakibara by someone I met at the "GirlsAward" event. Starting from interviews with athletes, I now provide commentary for all matches.
選手の詳細を調べるのは、もはや趣味です(笑)。 やっぱり好きなんですよね、RIZINや格闘技が。 私自身ブラジリアン柔術や格闘技をやる様になってから、選手の立場になって考えられるようになりました。
Commentating on all the matches must be tough, right?
Researching the fighters' details has become a hobby of mine. I really love RIZIN and martial arts. Since I started practicing Brazilian jiu-jitsu and martial arts myself, I can understand the fighters' perspectives better.
これ程までに命懸けのスポーツは他にないと思います。 1対1で全身全霊で戦っている姿には毎回圧倒されます。 それを会場で観戦するのは本当に魅力的。 それと忖度なしに演出が世界一だと思います。 会場の仕込みや入場演出もエンタテイメント性があり、物凄く盛り上がります。 「煽りV」(選手の意気込み等を紹介し対戦を盛り上げるVTR)も試合に至るまでの背景がわかる作りなので、試合をより楽しめます。 会場観戦したらハマる事間違いなしです。 
What's the most exciting aspect of RIZIN?
I think there's no other sport as life-risking as this. Every time I see the fighters putting their all into the matches, I'm overwhelmed. Watching the matches live at the venue is truly captivating. Additionally, I believe the production is the best in the world without any bias. The setup of the venue and the entrance performances are incredibly entertaining and exciting. The "Aori V" (videos introducing the fighters' ambitions and hyping the matches) helps understand the background leading up to the matches, making them even more enjoyable. If you watch a match live, you'll definitely get hooked!
以前飼っていた犬が亡くなった時、凄く後悔したんです。 「何で異変に気づいてあげられなかったんだろう」って。 それ以来ボランティアを始める様になって、今まで知らなかった保護犬の実態を知りました。 今一緒に暮らしている子達が良い飼い主さんに出逢えるのを願ってボランティアを続けてます。
By the way, you also volunteer to take care of dogs, right?
When my previous dog passed away, I was filled with intense regret."Why couldn't I have noticed the signs of trouble?" I kept asking myself.Since then, I started volunteering, and I learned about the reality of rescue dogs that I hadn't known before.I continue volunteering, hoping that the dogs I'm currently living with will find good owners.
女優の仲里依紗さんが「自分の仕事は仲里依紗」と言ってるのを聞き、私も「自分の仕事は蒼瀬くるみ」でありたいと思いました。 皆さん、応援よろしくお願いします。
Lastly, what are your future aspirations?
I heard actress Riisa Naka say, "My job is Riisa Naka," and it inspired me to think, "My job is Kurumi Aose." I hope to live up to that. Please continue to support me, everyone.

Editor's note


Through the interview, I was prompted to think about what is truly important to me. "Moving to Tokyo out of frustration," "Competing for the sake of commentary," "Volunteering driven by regret"—Aose transforms each experience into the next driving force. This is no easy feat, as even with strong feelings, turning them into action involves significant hurdles. However, Aose has the strength to carry through with her original intentions.This is precisely why she shines so overwhelmingly as both a woman and a model. I also want to become a manager who can stay true to my convictions.

Interviewer:Karin Miyakawa

NMT inc. 新人マネージャー。04年生まれ。昭和音楽大学短期大学部ジャズコース卒業。在学中にジャズバーで働いたことから、ブッキングやプロデュースの醍醐味を知りマネージャー業を志す。自身もジャズギターの演奏者だった経験を活かし、表現者に寄り添えるマネージャーを目指して目下奮闘中。

NMT inc. new manager. Born in 2004. Graduated from the Jazz Course of the Short-term College Division at Showa Music University. While in school, discovered the joy of booking and producing through work at a jazz bar, inspiring a pursuit of management. Drawing from experience as a jazz guitarist, striving to be a manager who empathizes with artists, currently in the midst of dedicated efforts.