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Kanae Kurosawa

2024.5.10 update

笠間焼の産地、茨城県の笠間市出身です。 小中学校は一学年40人程度でした。 自然豊かな町でのんびり育ちましたね。
Tell me about your childhood.
I’m from Kasama City in Ibaraki Prefecture, known for its Kasama ware. There were about 40 students in each grade at my elementary and junior high schools. I grew up leisurely in a town rich in nature.
就職活動をする際、色々な職業について調べたのですが、特にファッション業界に興味を持ちました。 当時、人気モデルに夢中だった事もあり漠然とモデルを意識したんです。 思い切ってオーディションを受けたら合格しました。
When did you start aspiring to be a model?
When I was job hunting, I researched various professions and became particularly interested in the fashion industry. I was also really into popular models at the time, which made me vaguely aware of wanting to be a model. So, I took the plunge and auditioned, and I got in.
まだ私の知らない仕事の領域があるかもしれない、それを経験してみたい、そんな一心でした。 事務所の面接前に取り掛かったのは、今までのブック(モデルの作品集)ではなく、これからなりたい自分をイメージしたブック作りをしました。 モデル仲間から「NMT inc.に所属するのは難しいよ」と聞いていたので、後悔しない為にも最善を尽くしたかったんです。
You switched agencies in your fifth year of your career.
I wanted to experience fields of work that I hadn't yet explored. Before my interview with the agency, I worked on creating a new portfolio, not of my past work, but of the image of the future me that I wanted to become. I had heard from fellow models that getting into NMT Inc. was tough, so I wanted to give it my all and have no regrets.
運が良かったのだと思います。 ただ、合格したものの待ち受けていたのは厳しい現実でした。 自分の殻を全て破る必要があったんです。 新しいブック作りは間違っていなかったけれど、事務所に求められたのはもっと本質的な事でした。 それを自分のものにするには並大抵の努力では駄目だと感じ、新しい自分の器を創る覚悟を決めました。
You successfully joined the agency.
I think I was lucky. However, even though I passed the audition, a tough reality awaited me. I needed to completely break out of my shell. While my new portfolio was on the right track, what the agency required was something more fundamental. To internalize that, I realized I needed to make extraordinary efforts and was determined to create a new version of myself.
まずは事務所のレッスンを頑張りました。 そんなに器用なタイプじゃないので、台詞の暗記含め演技レッスンは苦戦しました。 ただ、逃げずに取り組む中で色々発見がありました。 自分の事を理解できるようになったと言うか。
How did you create this new version of yourself?
First, I worked hard on the agency’s lessons. Since I’m not naturally skilled, I struggled with acting lessons, including memorizing lines. But through tackling it without running away, I made various discoveries. I started to understand myself better.
そうですね。事務所にはとても感謝しています。 SNS等で先輩達の活躍を目の当たりにして焦る事もありましたが、そんな時は深呼吸してリラックスするようにしていました。 私に出来る事は一つひとつ積み重ねて行く事だけ。 なりたい自分に突然なれるわけないですよね。 先輩達も一歩一歩進んで行く中で、その地位を獲得したと思います。
You broke out of your shell through these lessons.
Yes, I’m very grateful to the agency. Seeing the success of my seniors on social media made me anxious at times, but in such moments, I would take deep breaths and try to relax. The only thing I can do is to steadily build up step by step. You can’t suddenly become the person you want to be. I believe my seniors also earned their positions by advancing one step at a time.
ありがとうございます。決まったCMが昔地元でバイトしていたコンビニのものだったんです。 その事を店長に伝えに行くと、「すごいね!応援しているよ」と凄く喜んでくれましたね。
Soon after, you got a commercial deal.
Thank you. The commercial I landed was for a convenience store where I used to work part-time back in my hometown. When I told the store manager about it, he was very happy for me and said, “That’s amazing! I’m rooting for you.”
新しい挑戦をする事は、周囲の人達の期待に応える事でもあると思っています。 チャンスは沢山ある事務所なので、掴めるかどうかは自分の努力次第。 これからも現状に満足する事なくチャレンジしていきたいと思います。
Lastly, do you have a message for us?
I believe that taking on new challenges is also about meeting the expectations of those around you. Our agency offers many opportunities, and whether you seize them depends on your own efforts. I want to continue challenging myself without being satisfied with the status quo.

Editor's note


The process of making pottery by firing it in a kiln resembles Kurosawa’s current situation. It’s certainly not an easy path, but a piece that has been thoroughly fired will become a unique item that captivates everyone. The intense heat of the kiln symbolizes Kurosawa’s strong will. She chose a challenging yet rewarding path of her own accord.

Interviewer:Yotaro Kato


Creative director. Born in 1984. After completing graduate studies at the Graduate School of International Information and Communication Studies at Waseda University, worked at the head office of Japan Post Co., Ltd. before becoming independent. Involved in strategic planning and production of plans for media-related companies, as well as content creation through writing and photography.