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Riho Asaka

2024.5.2 update

19歳の時、雑誌のオーディションに合格して上京しました。 どうしても東京でモデルをやりたかったので、両親を説得しました。
What inspired you to become a model?
I moved to Tokyo at 19 after passing a magazine audition. I really wanted to pursue modeling in Tokyo, so I convinced my parents.
最初はバイトをしていました。仕事もすぐに軌道に乗ったわけではないので。 でも滋賀の高校を卒業したばかりの私にとって、東京での生活は刺激的でした。
You must have faced many challenges.
At first, I worked part-time jobs because my modeling career didn't take off immediately. But for someone who had just graduated from high school in Shiga, living in Tokyo was very exciting.
NMT inc.に入ったきっかけは
沢山リサーチして決めました。 面接の時、一人ひとりに向き合ってくれそうか、事務所の雰囲気が良いかをチェックしました(笑)。 総合的にこの事務所が一番良かったんです。
How did you end up joining NMT inc.?
I did a lot of research before deciding. During the interview, I checked if they seemed to care about each individual and if the office atmosphere was good. Overall, this agency seemed the best.
バレエをやっていたのでロングヘアだったんですけど、事務所のアドバイスでショートにしました。 笑顔も苦手だったけど、レッスンで沢山練習したな。 色々な要素が重なって、沢山お仕事のチャンスを頂きました。
How have you changed since joining?
I had long hair because I did ballet, but the agency advised me to cut it short. I also practiced smiling a lot during lessons since I wasn't good at it. Various factors came together, and I got many job opportunities.
そうですね(笑)。心身共に生まれ変わったのかも。 事務所の先輩から現場での立ち居振る舞いを学べたのも大きかったです。
It sounds like you changed your character.
Yes. Maybe I was reborn both physically and mentally. Learning how to behave on set from senior models was also significant.
最初は「受かったらラッキー」ぐらいの感覚でした。 だけど、選考が進むにつれて受かりたい気持ちが大きくなって。 冷静に周囲を分析して、かなり自分を追い込みました。
Being an image girl was particularly memorable.
At first, I thought it would be lucky if I got it. But as the selection process progressed, I wanted it more. I analyzed my surroundings calmly and pushed myself hard.
自分が戦えるコンディションになっていないと勝負できないから。 準備する事は自分を守る事にもなるんです。 あとは、負けず嫌いの性格も影響していますね。
You have a strict side.
If I'm not in a condition where I can compete, I can't perform. Preparing is also a way to protect myself. My competitive nature also plays a role.
Don’t you feel like letting loose sometimes?
I don’t build up much stress, but sometimes I play electronic drums at full volume.
勿論ヘッドフォンをして演奏しています。 どうぞ、安心して下さい(笑)。
At home?
Of course, I use headphones. Don’t worry.
メリハリを意識しています。痩せんとアカン時に痩せる(笑)。 実は、KFCの「ファミリーパック」を一人で食べちゃうぐらい大好き。 だから普段からストイックにせず、集中的にパーソナルトレーニングに通ったりします。 目標があった方が頑張れるタイプなんです。
How do you maintain your figure while enjoying food?
I focus on balance. When I need to lose weight, I do it. I actually love KFC's "Family Pack" and can eat it all by myself. So, instead of being strict all the time, I do intensive personal training sessions. Having a goal helps me stay motivated.
自分の可能性を広げたい。 仕事をしている時が一番楽しいんですよ。 いつも背中を押してくれる両親に、頑張っている姿を見せたいですね。
Finally, what are your future goals?
I want to expand my possibilities. Working is the most fun for me. I also want to show my parents, who always support me, that I'm doing my best.

Editor's note


“When I feel frustrated on set, it means I wasn't fully prepared,” Asaka says, her expression calm yet resolute. Her demeanor is a mix of gentle warmth and firm determination. Though not every challenge ends perfectly, she continuously faces them head-on, striving to give her best. Her dedication will undoubtedly continue to captivate people’s hearts.

Interviewer:Kyoka Uchida

NMT inc.マネージャー。97年生まれ。東京都出身。立教大学経営学部卒業。デザインプレックス研究所グラフィックデザインコース修了。在学中に蜷川実花氏率いる「ラッキースター」や、千原徹也氏率いる「れもんらいふ」にてインターンを経験。高校時代、少林寺拳法で全国大会準優勝の実績も。

NMT inc. manager. Born in 1997. From Tokyo. Graduated from Rikkyo University's Faculty of Business. Completed the Graphic Design Course at the Design Plex Institute. During his studies, he interned at 'Lucky Star' led by Mika Ninagawa and 'Lemon Life' led by Tetsuya Chihara. In high school, he also achieved second place in the national competition in Shaolin Kempo.