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Ami Nakamura

2024.4.29 update

好きな事に興味を持つ度に母が背中を押してくれたので、活発に過ごしてきました。 オーストラリアに留学もさせてもらったし。両親には凄く感謝しています。 物事に向き合う事や経験する事の大切さを教わりました。 何事も期間を設けてちゃんと突き詰める。 この考え方は、仕事に対する行動基準にもなっています。
Could you tell me about before you became a model?
I've been active in pursuing things I'm interested in because my mother always encouraged me whenever I showed interest in something. I even got to study abroad in Australia. I'm really grateful to my parents for that. They taught me the importance of facing things and experiencing them. I learned to properly delve into things and set aside time for them. This mindset has also become a standard for how I approach work.
What was the reason you started model?
When I was a student, I was introduced to an agency through a photographer while working as a salon model.
実は就活も少しだけしたんです。キャビンアテンダントにも憧れていたので。 だけど、一度きりの人生。 一番好きな事を仕事にしようと思ってモデルを続ける事にしました。
Why did you decide to continue model?
I actually did a bit of job hunting. I also aspired to be a flight attendant. However, life is only once. So, I decided to continue model because I wanted to make my favorite thing my job.
モデルを続けるか悩んだ時期がありました。 その時、NMT inc.に所属しているモデルから声を掛けてもらったんです。 私みたいに所属モデルの紹介で移籍する人は沢山います。 お互いに励ましあう雰囲気が心地よく、仕事をする上でプラスになると思って所属しました。
What led you to enter the office?
There was a time when I was unsure whether to continue model or not. At that time, I was approached by a model who is affiliated with NMT Inc. Many people, like me, transfer through introductions from affiliated models. I decided to join because I felt that the atmosphere of mutual encouragement would be conducive to my work and would be a positive influence.
現場では、「皆と楽しく自分に正直に」を常に心掛けています。 「本当に、この現場に来たの初めてだよね?」とよく言われます(笑)。 コミュニケーションをとるのは凄く楽しいし、一期一会なのもモデルの醍醐味。 たまに落ち込む事もありますが、最終的には楽しく終わりたいと思っています。
Feeling comfortable is the key to maintaining motivation.
On the field, I always strive to "be honest with myself and have fun with everyone." I often get teased with, "Is this your first time here?. Communicating is so much fun, and the transient nature of interactions is the essence of modeling. Sometimes, I feel down, but ultimately, I aim for a happy ending.
普通のモデル事務所は放任主義が多いと思います。 NMT inc.は特有で、「皆んなライバルだけど、共に頑張ろう」という雰囲気です。 モデル同士で仕事の話を共有したり、社長を始めマネージャー陣が親身になって相談に乗ってくれます。 お互いが尊重しあえる環境だからこそ、楽しく続けられていると思います。
Models are often seen as striving for improvement.
Normal models agencies tend to be laissez-faire, I think. NMT Inc., however, has a unique atmosphere of "we're all rivals, but let's work hard together." Models share work-related discussions among themselves, and the managers, including the CEO, are always ready to offer advice. It's because of the environment where everyone respects each other that we can continue happily.
そこを維持できているのは、もしかしたら農作業のおかげかもしれません。 一つの事を夢中でやるタイプなので、私には農作業が向いているんです。 作業後は、凄くリフレッシュするんですよね。 たっぷり汗もかけるので、今後も続けていきたいと思っています。
By the way, Ami has a really bright personality, doesn't she?
Perhaps, she's able to maintain that brightness because of her involvement in farming. Being the type who gets absorbed in one thing, farming suits me well. After working, I feel incredibly refreshed. Since I can also break a sweat, I want to continue doing it in the future.
実家が農家なので、幼い頃から身近なものでした。 お腹がすいたら畑にキュウリとトマトをとりに行くみたいな(笑)。 成長するにつれ、祖母の手伝いをよくするようになりました。 食べた時の幸福感がスーパーで購入した物とは全然違うんですよね。 収穫までは時間がかかりますが、その過程がまた面白いんです。 目標達成までのプロセスを楽しむ所とかは、モデル業にも似ているかもしれません。
When did you first encounter farming?
My family has been involved in farming, so it's been familiar to me since I was young. It's like when I was hungry, I'd go to the field to pick cucumbers and tomatoes. As I grew up, I started helping my grandmother more often. The feeling of happiness when eating is completely different from what you buy at the supermarket. It takes time until harvest, but the process is interesting. Enjoying the process until reaching the goal is similar to modeling, I guess.
内面を常に若くしている事です。 自分に正直に、好奇心を持って過ごす事が大切なのではないでしょうか。 一度興味を持ったら、とことん突き詰めるのも秘訣かもしれませんね。
What is beauty for you?
Keeping one's inner self young is essential. It's important to be honest with oneself and to live with curiosity. Once you develop an interest, delving into it thoroughly may also be a secret to staying youthful.
モデルとして誰かを励ませる存在になりたいです。 仕事を通じて周りの人達に笑顔になってもらいたいし、その輪が更に広がって欲しい。 やりたい事の一つに「モデルを通じて農作業の素晴らしさを伝える」というのがあります。 実家の畑でファッション撮影をしたり、SNSで農作業の様子を発信したり。 ファッション業界という枠にとらわれず、人と人との架け橋になれたら嬉しいです。
Finally, please tell me your vision for the future.
I want to become a source of encouragement for someone as a model. Through my work, I want to bring smiles to the people around me and hope that the positivity spreads further. One of the things I want to do is to convey the greatness of farming through modeling. This involves doing fashion shoots in my family's fields and sharing the farming process on social media. I would be happy if I could become a bridge between people, transcending the confines of the fashion industry.

Editor's note


I believe Nakamura is essential for the times ahead. Her efforts to promote the beauty of farming while also modeling could make her an icon in an era where individuality is valued, and the demand for diversity is increasing. Her words during interviews, "It's important to enjoy everything," speak volumes. There are no rules to achieving what you want, and enjoying the process is crucial. However, enjoying something is simple but not easy. I also want to grow alongside her as a manager, enjoying each step along the way.

Interviewer:Kyoka Uchida

NMT inc. マネージャー。97年生まれ。東京都出身。立教大学経営学部卒業。デザインプレックス研究所グラフィックデザインコース修了。在学中に蜷川実花氏率いる「ラッキースター」や、千原徹也氏率いる「れもんらいふ」にてインターンを経験。高校時代、少林寺拳法で全国大会準優勝の実績も。

NMT inc. manager. Born in 1997. From Tokyo. Graduated from Rikkyo University's Faculty of Business. Completed the Graphic Design Course at the Design Plex Institute. During his studies, he interned at 'Lucky Star' led by Mika Ninagawa and 'Lemon Life' led by Tetsuya Chihara. In high school, he also achieved second place in the national competition in Shaolin Kempo.